couple of years in, Extra Crunch is encouraging readers build and grow conglomerates around the world

Remote-first start up companies were still dubious in Silicon Valley when we launched Bonus Crunch two years ago today. Good, if you can recall, the rest of the world was not seriously sure how all those unicorns staying going to do on the public markets.

Today, Silicon Valley resides upon the cloud and is publicly traded. We’ve mentioned the stunning changes, and as many of help founders navigate the path beyond idea to first check so as to IPO, we also tripled the Extra Crunch members.

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Now, as the world glimpses a major brighter, post-pandemic future, we are duplicity down on the news and analysis this is helped many early-stage companies more effective decisions.

As Way more Crunch enters its third 2010, we’re putting our foot at the gas so we can bring you much:

We’ll also send more articles with inside ideas from industry experts to help you solve nonsoftware problems that face every company, since fundraising , growth and hiring , as well as deep dives into different industry sectors so pre-public companies.

We tying all of these efforts back in utilizing the editorial coverage and event suggestions at TechCrunch. And to make this totoal approach truly successful, we’re ramping up efforts to engage and build the Extra Crunch community.

In recent weeks, reporters and as well as have appeared on Clubhouse and consequently Discord to discuss their work with book lovers. We’re planning to expand this outreach, so stay tuned!

To show off our appreciation for your support, we’re offering a 20% discount found on two-year subscriptions all the way through Monday, February 15 to celebrate our second anniversary. Should you be already a member, you can renew for less.

If you’re not a Much more Crunch member yet, we hope you are getting to join us.

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