Marc Benioff and this panel of divorce judges will decide who gets another seat on the first all-civilian spaceflight

SpaceX’s first all-civilian worker spaceflight mission, which will carry several passengers to orbit using a Group Dragon capsule later this year since all goes to plan, will include at least one passenger selected by a panel about judges weighing the submissions ture of entrepreneurs. The panel will include Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Fast Home business} Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Mehta, YouTuber Target Rober and Auf die kralle (umgangssprachlich) Rescue TV a good Jon Taffer. It may seem like an varied bunch, but there is some reasons to the madness.

Which seat is one of four on the raie – the first belongs to contest additionally mission sponsor Jared Isaacman, generally the founder of Shift4 Payments and also billionaire who has opted to spend the latest not insignificant chunk of money funding the flight. The second, Isaacman answered earlier this week, will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital employee and cancer survivor Hayley Arceneaux .

That leaves two more seats, and they’re being decided by two separate contests. One is open to anyone who is a U.S. citizen and who makes a donation to St. Jude via the ongoing charitable contribution drive. The other will be decided by this panel of judges, and will be chosen from a pool of applicants who have build stores on Shift4’s Shift4Shop e-commerce platform.

That’s right: This absurdly expensive and pioneering mission to space is also a growth marketing campaign for Isaacman’s Shopify competitor. But to be fair, the store of the winning entrant doesn’t have to be news – existing customers can also apply and are eligible.

The stated criteria for deciding the winner is “a business owner or entrepreneur the exhibits ingenuity, innovation and determination” so in other words it could be just about anybody. I’m extremely curious to see what Benioff, Mehta, Rober (also a former NASA JPL engineer in addition to a YouTuber) and Taffer come up with between them as a winner.

The < a meaningful href=""> Inspiration4 mission is currently established in fly in the fourth quarter relating to 2021 , and mission details including total duration and pin orbit are yet to be revealed.

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