Nearby co-founder Oisin Hanrahan is overpowering as CEO of ANGI Homeservices

A little over two years upon ANGI Homeservices acquired his itc Handy, Oisin Hanrahan is becoming BOSS of the combined organization and enlisting in its board of directors.

ANGI is a publicly traded subsidiary of IAC, formed from the merger associated Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor . In addition to the Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor and simply Handy brands, the company also manages Fixd Repair, HomeStars, MyHammer, MyBuilder, Instapro, Travaux and Werkspot (most of those are outside the United States).

The company says so nearly 250, 000 home companies professionals are active across for all of platforms in a given year, exceeding 30 million projects facilitated regularly. For the latest quarter of 2020 , the game reported revenue of $359 64,000 (up 12% year over year) and a net loss of $14. your five million.

Hanrahan joined the company with the acquisition of Very useful in October 2018, becoming ANGI’s chief product officer the next year.

“I’m really excited for the opportunity to guided ANGI at this inflection point, ” Hanrahan said in a statement. “As we’ve all spent extra time at your house over the last year it’s clearer than how important our physical space is contained in our daily lives, and ANGI’s vision to help people love where they live is more similar than ever. I’m grateful to the aboard and energized to work with our as good team to help ANGI become the brand name everything home. ”

ANGI’s previous CEO, Brandon Ridenour, is stepping down from the role. In announcement, IAC CEO Joey Levin thanked Ridenour “for his critical role in building ANGI Homeservices over the last decade” while praising Hanrahan as “an exceptional product fancier. ”

In addition , msd announced appointments to two new open positions, with Bryan Ellis, becoming the biggest revenue officer — Marketplace (he’ll oversee the company’s leads not to mention advertising products) and Handy co-founder Umang Dua becoming chief money officer — ANGI Services (where he’ll be in charge of ANGI’s pre-priced product).

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