Salesforce delivers, Wall Street doubts equally stock falls 6. 3% post-earnings

Wall Street investors can be unreliable beasts. Take Salesforce as an example. The CRM giant announced a $5.82 billion quarter when it reported earnings yesterday. Revenue was up 20% year over year. The company also reported $21.25 billion in total revenue for the just-closed FY2021, up 24% YoY. If that wasn’t enough, it raised its FY2022 guidance (its upcoming fiscal year) to over $25 billion. What’s not to like?

You want higher quarterly revenue, Salesforce gave you higher revenue. You want high growth and solid projected revenue — check and check. In fact, it’s hard to find anything to complain about in the report. The company is performing and growing at a rate that is remarkable for an organization of its size and maturity — and it is expected to continue to perform and grow.

How did Wall Street react to this stellar report? It punished the stock with the price down over 6%, a pretty dismal day considering the company brought home such a promising report card.

2/6/21 Salesforce stock report with stock down 6.31%

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So what is going on here? It could be that investors simply don’t believe the growth is sustainable or that the company overpaid < a href=""> when it got sold Slack at the end of last year for over $27 thousand. It could be it’s just those overreacting to a cooling shop this week. But if investors are seeking for a high-growth company, Salesforce is delivering that.

While Slack came expensive, it reported income over $250 million several days ago, pushing it over the up to $1 billion run rate with more than pct customers paying over $1 million in ARR. Those phone numbers will eventually get added to Salesforce’s bottom line.

Canaccord Genuity analyst David Hynes Jr. wrote that he have been baffled by investors’ defense mechanism this report. Like me, the man saw a lot of positives. Its Wall Street decided to focus on all the negative, and see “the mirrors half empty, ” while he put it in his note to allow them to investors.

“The stock is clearly for the show-me camp, which means it really is likely to take another 2 quarters for investors to purchase into the idea that fundamentals are quite solid here, plus which Slack was opportunistic (and yes, pricey), but not an attempt to mask suddenly failing growth, ” Hynes wrote down.

During the called with analysts yesterday, Malik Zelnick from Credit Helveiques asked how well zerostart could accelerate out of the pandemic-induced economic malaise, and Gavin Patterson, Salesforce’s president and as well as chief revenue officer, according to the company is ready especially when the world moves past the pandemic.

“And enable me to reassure you, we are building the capability in terms of the sales force. You’d get delighted to hear that we investing significantly in terms of ones direct sales force to take advantage of about that demand. And I’m fantastically confident we’ll be able to get together it. So I think you’re he today a message from people that the business is strong, the pipeline is stronger and we’ve got chutzpah going into the year, ” Patterson said.

But Salesforce execs were in fact pumped up yesterday alongside good reason, there’s still mistrust out in investor land that the majority of manifested itself in the normal starting down and staying out of all day. It will be, as Hynes suggested, up to Salesforce to store proving them wrong. Once they keep producing quarters just like the one they had this week, they should be correctly, regardless of what the naysayers concerning Wall Street may be thinking nowadays.

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