Songclip raises $11M to bring far licensed music to social website

The team on the Songclip thinks this social media could use more file.

Yes, music files is a big part of the familiarity on a handful of apps want TikTok and Triller, remember, though , Songclip co-founder and COO John vanSuchtelen told me, “That is not the end of how 70’s music is going to be a feature, that is a getting started. ”

It added, “In the next nine to 12 months … like everyone else never have a phone an additional source camera, you’re not going to they need to app without music finds as a feature when you execute videos. ”

That’s that which vanSuchtelen and his co-founder on top of that CEO Andy Blacker work as hoping to enable with Songclip, which announced today that this has raised $11 k in new funding.

The startup has generated an API that, when ever integrated with other apps (current integrations include photo- as well as video-editing app PicsArt) allows either users to search for and share songs. VanSuchtelen said that like Giphy, Songclip plans to popularize a new media format — the short audio movie — and make it limpide across a wide range of services.

“If I were to say, ‘I’m going to send you a four-minute song, ’ it’s hardly going to work that way, this is not how we communicate anymore, ” vanSuchtelen said. “How do you take the music and grow into it into the bite that you’d like to use in a social content? ”

Of doing this, Blacker said Songclip doest not just license music, what’s more , does its own tagging and so clipping, while offering tools for the music labels to protect their valuable intellectual property and allowing data on how people are socializing with the music. And unlike Giphy, Songclip isn’t looking to build any consumer brand.

All of this involves a combination of real person editors and technology. Blacker said the human element is key to understanding the nuances relating to songs and their association, simillar to the fact that Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” isn’t really about links or water, or the fact Katrina and the Waves’ “Walking on Sunshine” is a tranquil song even though it doesn’t have the phrase “happy” in it.

Songclip has now raised an overall of $23 million. Model round was led near Gregg Smith of Have actually been VC Partners. The Energi Group, Michael Rubin, Farmed in Space, Gaingels furthermore ​Forefront Venture Partners​ aside from that participated, as did operation executives Jason Flom so Steve Greenberg and the song AJR.

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