US-listed SPACs have a new address itself to: Latin American tech reputable companies

There has been an unprecedented GOING PUBLIC boom of tech expertise in the Brazilian stock exchange , which is transformative for market that was traditionally ruled by utilities, mining, usage and financial companies.

The trend continues to be efficient; in February alone, financial expansion companies like Bemobi, Westwing, Mobly and Mosaico was placed public. Mosaico, for example , were basically 20x oversubscribed and went increase 70% on its beginning trading day . The same home furniture for other companies like Meliuz, Enjoei and Neogrid, out 173%, 53% and 74%, respectively, since their variety just a few months ago.

But what is much more surprising is that now, absolutely new special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) are raising money in Nasdaq with a mandate to buy Latin American private growth merchants, which would be completely unthinkable just a year ago.

The opportunity for SPAC mergers in the U. S. has been quite competitive, as nearly 300 SPACs , in which reared over $90 billion, are now competing get deals before the deadline. Because of this, it has become more common to see SPACs with global mandates hoping to acquire foreign growth companies and list them through the U. S. to benefit because of better multiples.

Just in 2021, eight Asian-sponsored SPACs raised over $2. 3 billion in the Nasdaq/New York Bourse, already surpassing the entire number of 2020. More recently, it looks like actions level may pick up in the Brazil, and, potentially, in other Latin American countries, with $1. 1 billion of Brazil-focused SPACs coming into fruition.

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