Slapdash raises $3. 7M seeds to ship a office environment apps command bar

The boom in productivity software in the midst of a broader remote labor boom has been one of the pandemic’s clearest tech impacts. However , learning to use a dozen absolutely new programs while having to make sense of which data is organised where can sometimes seem to they need to adverse effect on worker output. It’s all time that individuals can take for granted, even when doing common tasks like navigating to the calendar to view much more information to click a link to open the browser to direct to the native app to spread out a Zoom call.

Slapdash is aiming you can carve a new niche to itself among workplace submission software tool, pushing a desire for the busier performance to the forefront by getting a product that shaves a few moments off each instance where a user needs to find advice hosted in a cloud iphone app or carry out an action. While most of the integration-heavy software conséquence to emerge during the woman work boom have features of promoting visibility or re-skinning workflows across the tangled interlace of SaaS apps, Slapdash founder Ivan Kanevski dreams that the company’s efforts on to engineer a quicker click information will push computer workers to integrate a second tool into their workflow.

The team tells TechCrunch that they’ve has embossed $3. 7 million in seed funding from investors that include S28 Capital, Quiet Capital. Quarry Ventures and Twenty Two Ventures. Angels participating in the round include co-founders at businesses like Patreon, Docker and Zynga.

Kanevski says the team sought to emulate the success of popular apps like Superhuman which have pushed low-latency command line interface navigation while emulating some of the sleek internal tools used at companies like Facebook where he spent nearly six years as a computer software engineer.

Slapdash’s command line widget may be pulled up anywhere, once installed, with a quick keyboard shortcut. From there, users can search through a laundry list of indexable apps including Slack, Zoom, Jira and about twenty others. Beyond command line access, users can create folders of files and actions inside the full desktop app or create their own keyboard shortcuts to quickly hammer out a task. The app is available on Mac, Windows, Linux and the web.

“We’re not trying to displace the applications that you connect with Slapdash, ” he says. “You won’t see us, for example , building document editing, you won’t see us building project management, just because our sort of philosophy is that we’re a neutral platform. ”

The company offers a free tier for users indexing up to five apps and creating ten commands and spaces, any more than that and you also level up into a $12 per month paid plan. Actions look more customized to receive enterprise-wide pricing. As the fc hopes to make the tool vital for startups, Kanevski see the app’s hefty utility for individual sneakers as a clear asset present in scaling up.

“If you anticipate in business this out to larger people, you would want the people that are classed as using the software to have a shoot with it, ” he says. “We have quite a lot of confidence in even at this sort of private atomic level, we solidified something pretty joyful to helpful. ”

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