Affiliate data platform ActionIQ shows its latest funding through to $100M

ActionIQ , which helps companies turn to their customer data to give personalized experiences, is announcing that it has extended home Series C funding, bringing the round to a total scale $100 million.

That number includes the $32 unité that ActionIQ announced in January and are generally last year. Founder and CEO Tasso Argyros said the corporation is framing this like a extension rather than a separate set because it comes from existing investors and speculators — including March Haber — and because ActionIQ is still equipped with most of that $32 mil in the bank.

Argyros told me that there turned out to be two connected reasons to raise additional money now. For one thing, ActionIQ has seen 100% year-over-year revenue growth, allowing it to expand its valuation by a 250%. (The company isn’t not disclosing the actual survey. ) That growth has additionally meant that ActionIQ is getting “a lot more ambitious” in its itineraries for product development and guest growth.

“We raised more because we can, and because excellent artwork i just, ” Argyros said.

The company continues to suffer from the core platform, case in point by introducing more provider for real-time data as well analysis. But Argyros endorsed that the biggest change has always been in the broader market pertaining to customer data platforms, utilizing companies like Morgan Stanley, The Hartford, Albertsons, JCPenney and GoPro signing on while using ActionIQ in the past year.

Many of these enterprises, he said, “normally would not work with a cutting-edge knowledge company like us, simply because of the pandemic, they’re eager to corner take some risk and really invest in their customer base and the customer experience. ”

Argyros also quarreled that as regulators and huge platforms restrict the ways that a majority of businesses can buy and sell third-party data, platforms like ActionIQ, focusing on the first-party important info that companies collect thanks to own use, will become very important. And he said that ActionIQ’s growth comes as the big marketing and pr clouds have “failed” — either announcing products are experiencing yet to launch also known as launching products that why match ActionIQ’s capabilities.

Companies that were previously using ActionIQ include The Ny Times. In fact , the start up funds announcement includes a statement out of the Times’ senior vices web design manager of data and insights Shane Murray declaring that the paper is using ActionIQ to deliver “hundreds of billions of personalized member experiences” across “mail, in-app, site, and paid your data. ”

ActionIQ has now raised around $145 million total, according to Crunchbase .

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