Information about how our SaaS startup improved a lot net revenue retention times more than 30 points located in two quarters

NRR is the most neglected metric out there

There’s certainly no shortage of SaaS anxiety about metrics leaders focus on. Even although all SaaS companies actually do, and must, home while on acquisition metrics, there’s also massive revenue possible within your current customer base.

I think NRR (net revenue retention) is without question the most underrated metric around the world. NRR is simply total sales minus any revenue churn plus any revenue control from upgrades, cross-sells and it could be upsells. The greater the NRR, the quicker companies would be able to scale. Simply put: the power of intensify math!

One of the biggest and most impactful changes we made was going to move new business, retention and as well account management all underneath our chief revenue police.

Over the course of two quarters, Terminus grew its NRR of more than 30 points, examining incredible new levels of major opportunities.

To boost our NRR for the better, My own focused on three core keystone within our organization.


We took a holistic look at the organization but our org structure. One of the best and most impactful changes individuals made was to move start up company, retention and account organization all under our leading revenue officer. At the end of the day, it merely requires makes a ton of feel secure to have acquisition and zurückhalten living under the same probably —  why bother selecting new customers if you can’t retain these kind of?

We even rolled out a surround-sound company (around three or four people for each and every customer) who onboard and help customers with their account produced by day one. In total, we have a couple of quarter of our company devoted to this 24/7 support as well hands-on guidance to ensure we will enabling customers immediately.


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