Anyone can pay for BART using an itouch or Apple Watch

Good news, Bay Areas! Apple Pay now along Clipper cards.

That means you can now use an iPhone or Apple Watch purchase your BART. Or Muni. Or to Caltrain. Or the Ferry! Perhaps (almost) any other transit-related consideration you’d otherwise use the plastic cards Clipper card for.

Clipper has a homepage outlining the Apple Pay general form process right here .

A few quick but points to note:

  • Adding an existing Trois-mats card to an Apple Cash apparently airport shuttles the investment capital off that card. Then, says Clipper, “your plastic card has been deactivated” — therefore it sounds like it won’t find employment as a physical backup card.
  • Some people will want to hang on to the plastic cards, whatever the case: Clipper notes that Bay area Area bike share persons and anyone using an RTC Discount Card will need to try to plastic card, even after its deactivated for transit use.
  • Clipper has once confirmed that support will be coming for Google Pay (Android) “this spring”, but the rollout seems to support Mac Pay only.

As noted back in February when this was basic confirmed as on-the-way, Dog clipper works with Apple’s “Express Transit” feature. That’s just a elaborate way to say that you can tap-to-pay with the digital Clipper visa card without first needing to strike in your phone’s PIN or perhaps a using FaceID. On certain more sophisticated iPhones , it also allow you to keep using the Clipper chip for a few hours after your current battery has died; an attractive thing in a pinch, regrettably probably not something you want to make use of regularly.

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