Saying our TC Sessions: SaaS virtual event happening Oct, 27

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is now the standard business model for most B2B as well as B2C software startups. Although it’s been around for a while then, its momentum keeps increasing and the ecosystem continues to build as technologists and on-line marketers are getting more sophisticated about how to establish and sell SaaS products. For all of them, we’re pleased to presented TechCrunch Spectacle: SaaS 2021 , a new one-day virtual event which should examine the state of SaaS to aid startup founders, developers and then investors understand the state of play and what’s next.

The single-day event will take place 100% virtually on October 27 and will feature actionable advice, Q& A with a few of SaaS’s biggest names, and plenty of networking opportunities. $75 Early Bird Passes are actually on sale. Book your passes today to save lots of $100 before prices rise .

We’re not quite ready to disclose all of our agenda yet, but you can rely a mix of superstars from along the industry, ranging from some of the most well known tech companies to new startups that are pushing the boundaries of SaaS.

The plan must be look at a broad spectrum amongst what’s happening in with B2B startups and give you actionable insights into how to build and/or improve your own product. If you’re just starting out, we want you to come away with new ideas for how to start your company and if you’re already on your way, then our sessions on scaling both your technology and marketing organization will help you to get to that $100 million annual run rate faster.

In addition to other founders, you’ll also hear from enterprise leaders who decide what to buy — and the mistakes they see startups make when they try to sell in their mind.

But SaaS isn’t only about managing growth — though ideally, that’s a problem founders will face sooner or later. Some of the other specific topics we will look at are how to keep your services safe in an ever-growing threat environment, how to use open source to your advantage and how to smartly raise funding for your company.

We will also highlight how B2B and B2C organizations can handle the glut of data they now produce and use it to build machine learning models in the process. We’ll talk about how SaaS startups can both do so themselves and help others in the act. There’s nary a startup that doesn’t want to use some form of AI these days, after all.

And because this is 2021, chances are we’ll also talk about building remote companies and the lessons SaaS startups can study from the last year of working through the pandemic.

Don’t miss out. Book your $75 Early Bird pass today and save $100.

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