Foxconn’s Wisconsin factory plans scaled back dramatically

It was “the eighth ask yourself of the world, ” Donald Trump said, driving a fantastic shovel into the ground. Usually the then-president touted Foxconn’s planned Wisconsin factory as a necessary win for his commercial goals.

Each year and a half later, the future of finally, the manufacturing deal is may be worth certain. Earlier this week, nys announced a dramatic scaling back of a plan it had hoped is return blue-collar jobs concerning the hard hit state. All of the Taiwanese manufacturing giant happens to be scaling back its deal from $10 billion to successfully $672 million.

The new plans also require a massive cut to possibility headcount — to 1, 454, down from 13, 500. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers framed the reduction being a tax-saving deal in a press release issued this week .

“When I ran to be governor, I made a promise to work with Foxconn to cut a better deal for our state—the last deal didn’t work for Wisconsin, and that doesn’t work for me,” Evers said. “Today I’m delivering on that promise with an agreement that treats Foxconn like any other business and will save taxpayers $2.77 billion, protect the hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure investments the state and local communities have already made, and ensure there’s accountability for creating the jobs promised.”

Evers stepped into the role of Governor in 2019, following Scott Walker, who played a key role in negotiating the deal under Trump. The package included in the neighborhood of $4 billion in incentives for Foxconn, a record-breaking deal for the firm.

Plans for the TV factory shifted considerably since it was announced nearly four years ago, and in early 2019, it appeared that Foxconn had abandoned it altogether, before a phone call from Trump apparently put plans back on track.

As < a href=""> Reuters records , the state has already got in excess of $200 million directly on infrastructure, training and other items ahead of the planned factory cracking open.

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