The technique to create an effective earned growing media strategy with Rebecca Reeve Henderson at TC Quick Stage 2021

TechCrunch’s Early Stage 2021 is back for attribute two of our bootcamp-for-entrepreneurs expo, with a focus on marketing and fundraising. Building on the first half the event in April, this advice two-day virtual sprint will be held at July 8 & some, and we’re thrilled that can welcome Rebecca Reeve Henderson as one of our all-star standing of experts. Rebecca will be joining us to share information on how to build an effective garnered media strategy for your start-up, building on her deep working experience developing effective communications solutions for some of the top web business software companies in the world.

Earned media, also known as the kind of exposure you get off a TechCrunch article, is a vital point of any startup’s marketing combination. It’s something that is best popular as a complementary component to cleared marketing and owned channel publicize efforts, but it’s as well as one of the trickiest things to put right, especially for first-time founding fathers. Rebecca has worked with marketers ranging from Slack, to Shopify, to Zapier, to Canva and many more, helping craft cost-efficient earned media strategies with the most difficult areas of all: BUSINESS-ON-BUSINESS SaaS.

Image Credits: Rsquared Communications

Rebecca is also a founder little, having built her mail messages company Rsquared from the ground inside into an international business occupying the U. S. yet Canada. Rsquared’s clients came with startups at all stages of the growth, from their very start through to successful exits, like public market debuts, which means she’s run effective communications campaigns at every point using the growth spectrum. Then with regard to 2019, Rsquared had a exit, with an acquisition simply global communications firm Archetype.

We’ll perceive any audible tips from Rebecca to show you earned media contributes to a winning overall communications strategy, the actual you go about earning within media — including proven methods to pitch media, and how to formulate successful long-term relationships due to key reporters and ebooks in your industry.

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