Wasabi scores $112M Series M on $700M valuation to battle cloud storage hyperscalers

Taking on Amazon S3 in the cloud storage experience would seem to be a fool-hearty solution, but Wasabi has found a way to build storage cheaply and pass the savings onto customers. Today the Boston-based startup announced a $112 million Series C investment on a $700 million valuation.

Fidelity Management & Research Company led the round with participation from previous investors. It reports that it has now raised $219 million in equity so far, along with additional debe financing, but it takes a lot of money to build a storage business.

CEO David Friend says that business is booming and he needed the money to keep it going. “The business has just been exploding. We achieved a roughly $700 million valuation on this round, so  you can imagine that business is doing well. We’ve tripled in each of the last three years and we’re ahead of plan for this year,” Friend told me.

He says that demand continues to grow and he’s been getting requests internationally. That was one of the primary reasons he went looking for more capital. What’s more, data sovereignty laws require that certain types of sensitive data like financial and healthcare be stored in-country, so the company needs to build more capacity where it’s needed.

He says they have nailed down the process of building storage, typically inside co-location facilities, and during the pandemic they actually became more efficient as they hired a firm to put together the hardware for them onsite. They also put channel partners like managed service providers (MSPs) and value added resellers (VARs) to work by incentivizing them to sell Wasabi to their customers.

Wasabi storage starts at $5.99 per terabyte per month. That’s a heck of a lot cheaper < this href="https://aws.amazon.com/s3/pricing/"> than Amazon S3 , which starts through 0. 23 per shows for the first 50 terabytes or $23. 00 a nice terabyte, considerably more than Wasabi’s offering.

Fortunately Friend admits that Wasabi still faces headwinds staying startup. No matter how cheap it’s actually, companies want to be sure it’s going to constitute there for the long haul and a rounded this size from an purchaser with the pedigree of Faithfulness will give the company more credibility with large enterprise visitors without the same demands akin to venture capital firms.

“Fidelity to me was the superb investor. […] They don’t want a board seat. They don’t want to come in but tell us how to run ansa. They are obviously looking on the way to an IPO or something like that, and they are just open to becoming an investor in this business individuals cloud storage is a next to unlimited market opportunity, ” he said.

He sees his establishment} as the typical kind of economy irritant. He says that the man’s company has run away right from competitors in his part of the target audience and the hyperscalers are around the world not paying attention because personnal business remains a métier of theirs for the time being. During an IPO is remote, he took on an institutional investor this early as they believes it’s possible naturally.

“I imagine this is a big enough market we will in, and we were opportune to get in at just the moment with the right kind of technology. There is no doubt in my mind that Wasabi could grow to be a fairly very helpful public company doing impair infrastructure. I think we have great niche cut out for by ouselves, and I don’t see different reason why we can’t pursue to grow, ” he understood.

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