Money Monday: Dogecoin is passé, but student notes will be big business

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Could be Equity Monday, our once a week kickoff that tracks will be the private market news, discusses the coming week, digs towards some recent funding coup and mulls over a better theme or narrative inside the private markets. You can stick to the show on Twitter  here   and myself  here .

This weekend was with information memecoins. And I am frustrated about that. But Equity does not necessarily run the world, sadly, doing it merely notes what is going on:

  • Dogecoin chop down during Elon Musk’s SNL appearance. Which was somewhat ironic. Also there’s another memecoin that is skyrocketing.
  • Palantir, DoorDash, Airbnb, Alibaba will report earnings this particular party, amongst others.
  • Clubhouse is finally coming to Android . In the United States. By invite. Therefore , if that’s you, congrats, welcome to the app.
  • A major cyberattack and ransom conditions in the United States is a data tip, yet again, that we’re woefully unprepared for cyber wager.
  • StuDocu raised $50 capacité which was very cool, while Gojek raised another three hundred dollars million , which was inner organs opposite of surprising.
  • This week’s Included Crunch Live is going to be truly great. I will see you there!

It is going to consist busy week! Already given that we recorded this verify there’s more drama through Box, and more. Strap in to!

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