Venture knocks: Exhibit at TC Sessions: Mobility 2021

No matter what slice among the mobility market you’ve advertised as your own — AVs, EVs, data mining, AI, dockless scooters, robotics possibly the batteries that will charge and alter the world — you won’t find a better place to presenting your extraordinary tech coupled with talent than TC Sessions: Mobility 2021 .

Buy a Startup Exhibitor Set up and in essense plant your early-stage disability startup in front of a global assemblée that’s focused exclusively on one of the most complex, rapidly evolving industries. TC Sessions: Mobility, which takes place on August 9, features the top imagination and makers, draws range attendees, fosters collaborative website and creates a networking planet ripe with opportunities.

Pro a suggestion for you: This although is for pre-Series A, early-stage startups only.

The Startup company Exhibitor Package costs $380, and it comes with four all-access passes to the event. Sadly wait (insert infomercial pitch here), there’s more!

Your virtual expo booth features lead-generation competencies. You can highlight your toss deck, run a video cycle and/or host live demonstrations. Network with CrunchMatch, regarding our AI-powered platform, to find and in addition connect with the people who can help you out move your business forward. CrunchMatch lets you host private image meetings — pitch were definitely, recruit new talent or perhaps even grow your customer base.

You’ll have access to all the reports, panel discussions and break-out sessions, too. And video-on-demand means you won’t pass up.

Here’s the actual peek at just some of the agenda’s great programming you and, thanks to those extra passes, your team can attend — or catch later with VOD:

  • EV Founders in Focus: We sit down with the founders poised to take advantage of the rise in electric vehicle sales. This time, we will chat with Kameale Terry, co-founder and CEO of ChargerHelp! a startup that enables on-demand repair of electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Will Venture Capital Drive the Future of Mobility? Clara Brenner, Quin Garcia and Rachel Holt will discuss how the pandemic changed their investment strategies, the hottest sectors within the mobility industry, the rise of SPACs as a financial instrument and where they plan to put their capital in 2021 and beyond.
  • Driving Innovation at General Motors: GM is in the midst of sweeping changes that will eventually turn it into an EV-only producer of cars, trucks and SUVs. But the auto giant’s push to electrify passenger vehicles is just one of many efforts to be a leader in innovation and the future of transportation. We’ll talk with Pam Fletcher, vice president of innovation at GM, one of the key people behind the 113-year-old automaker’s push to become a nimble, tech-centric company.

TC Sessions: Mobility 2021 takes place June 9. Buy a Startup Exhibitor Package and set yourself up for global exposure and networking success. Show us your extraordinary tech and talent!

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