Eano’s Stella Wu is not your good typical construction tech start op founder

Renovating a home is surely exciting, yet often fraught-filled, endeavor.

One startup regarding aims to help make the process a lot, cheaper and less stressful due to helping people manage your property renovation process has farmed $6 million to help everything grow even faster. Building contractors VC led the through, which included participation from Celtic,   Newfund  and Fancy co-founder Danny Zhang, the people that also sits on Eano’s board.

Stella Wu, which in turn formerly worked as a cultivation product manager at Hop, got firsthand experience of this points related to the process occasion she bought her own your house in 2017.

“I realized there were a great number of fragmented issues in the renovation space, especially when it came to the individual workers, ” this girl recalls. “They were not efficient and bad at conversations. ”

So in 2019 she founded  Eano , a San Francisco-based startup that is going to walk a homeowner through a remodelling and help connect individual workers with new clients. Eano in addition works on projects like establishing ADUs (accessory dwelling units).

As more guys spent time at home last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one particular startup saw its deal revenue spike by 5x, Wu says. And in acquire quarter of this year, group was up 70% yearly over year.

Image Credits: Eano CEO and be destroyed Stella Wu / Eano

Eano, she said, holds competitive and transparent discounts so that homeowners aren’t dumbfounded as a remodeling project takes place. Its automated process songs all communications and improvements in one place and the lender} has grown what it describes currently being a “network of experienced, county professionals” that are fully licensed, vetted and insured that it frames homeowners with on must be.

“There’s all these individual providers out there and even though they are quite inexpensive, it’s very hard for them to discover the homeowners, as they don not have much resources, ” Wu, a Chinese immigrant, advised TechCrunch. “So they come which can us and we basically resolve it all. ” For now, Eano is operating in the Bay area Area and Los Angeles, equipped with plans to expand so that you Seattle and Houston soon.

The company plans to take their new capital and “go deep into the product bad side. ”

Once they become a clients, homeowners can use Eano decide on a certain remodeling package, and they can check the project success, communicate with the team and even look at progress through videos.

“We’re also helping contractors ensure communicating and receiving payment much easily, ” Wu said. “We’re also helping these exclusive contractors increase the brand, and as a consequence helping them with the liquidation and customer support side with our software. ”

Jim Kim amongst Builders VC, said raam anand first encountered Wu and moreover Jung while they were at Wish.

“We invest in people young and old, and when you can find extremely qualified entrepreneurs who have built good companies and still have the starvation to win, you begin with a blank check, ” he said. “We cherish Eano’s mission — mingling a similar product sourcing program as Wish with system to bring a better experience to any or all constituents in the antiquated operation industry. ”

Kim can impressed by the fact that Wu is truly driven to prove “that you don’t need to be a single 55-year-old man wearing steel-toed boots to have a meaningful have an effect on construction. ”

“We romance that ethos — this situation matches with our thinking about punting on entrepreneurs who don’t go with the stereotypical box, ” Kim said.

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