Getty Images leads $16M investiture in Promo. com, an actual social video template attachment

Your social video tool Promo. apresentando just improved $16 million in a Set B round led simply Getty Images, the company identified with stock imagery.

Brands, creators or possibly whoever else might need a few quick and dirty movie content can search Promotion. com for what they need, significantly they would use a stock necessary for service. Getty offers a particular library of stock training videos as well, but Promo. através de provides both the video clips nicely tools for non-editors on to craft a basic edit with a little bit of customization.

Brands can select an active professional video clip from a will let you, plug in their own message by adding a logo or customized made audio. All that’s got out of is downloading the individualized video and whisking of which off to their social signals.

Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank, one of the broadest banks in Israel, potentially participated in the Series N round through debt backing. Promo. com’s existing “strategic partnership” with Getty Drawings will deepen as part of the amount, giving the former company to enjoy the latter’s expansive recent pool of video clips.

Promo. com video library

Envision Credits: Screenshot/Promo. com

Of course , Promo. com certainly is not the only show in town. Training videos creation platform Biteable raised $7 million of own in December, and every bit as allows companies to make well lit, bite-sized video content as for social. The super more efficient gate design platform Canva also supports video cropping and editing with its own library at stock images. Vimeo includes its own video template platform too, known as Vimeo Create , which grew out of the company’s acquisition of the AI-powered online video media editor Magisto.

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