Motion picture e-learning platform for MENA, Almentor, closes $6. 5M Series B led basically Partech

There are more than 500 million Arabic speakers across the world and that number isn’t supporting better anytime soon . Persia, to most people, is a unpleasant language even to those who write it. According to Duolingo , a loved one fluent in Egyptian Persia might not fully understand Yemeni Arabic speakers because of the vast difference in dialect .

While individuals are able to navigate dialects , it can be relatively hard to be able to find tailored Arabic articles and other content essential for everyday life .

Dr Ihab Fikry to Ibrahim Kamel formed Almentor. net by using 2016 as an online pictures learning platform to compensate to that lack of online learning article for Arabic speakers . In collaboration concerning hundreds of leaders, educators, additionally experts, the platform offers to get and talks in various segments like health, humanities, solution, entrepreneurship, business management, living style, drama, sports, corporate heart to heart talks, and digital media .

With 2016, Almentor closed a single $3. 5 million seed products round and two years extinct raised $4. 5 mil Series A led at Egypt’s Sawari Ventures . With this Series K investment, the Dubai-based edtech company has raised $14. 5 million in total. San Francisco and Paris-based VC law firm Partech led the higher education round with participation through Sawari Ventures, fellow Shows A investor Egypt Investment strategies, and Sango Capital .

Almentor provides Arab-speaking learners with the necessary accomplishments crucially needed to advance those professional careers and personal lifetimes . The platform should certainly have the biggest continuous training library in the region and one of that biggest worldwide . With offices in Dubai, Cairo, and Saudi Arabia, it’s video content is came about in-house and made in Persia and English .

“The vision and reason for starting Almentor is all understand that in our region in excess of 100 million people, in which 90% cannot properly practice with any other language apart from Arabic, ” Fikry in order to TechCrunch . “So we wanted to have a cutting-edge modern platform that will change people’s ideology and help them often be objective , in addition focus based on topics food items be taught as enormous learning . ”

For first-time products absolutely love Almentor, it can be hard to get every investors and customers agreeable . According to TOP DOG Fikry, the first challenge would convince the investment community in the MENA region about this Almentor was creating a innovative new industry in video e-learning that “had lots of probability of power tools in the region . ”

Almentor’s business enterprise is an intersection of educate, media, and technology. Its own offerings are dissected to make three: the flagship B2C product, a white-label B2B model for blue-chip manufacturers, and the last, which Fikry calls the ‘special project’ for governmental bodies .

For its B2C treatment, Almentor sells courses so as to users for $20-$30 in which they get to keep for life. Fikry says that appearing in June, the company is seeking to introduce a subscription-based steamer where users can have boundless, unconstrained access to all of its tolv, 000 video content as a fee to its a great deal 1 million registered users .


The B2B model is where Almentor goes into business its library to brands to customize their data for employees . Involving videos are mainly there are numerous or training needed to thrive at work, and since 2016, Almentor has executed 78 deals with partner companies .  

The special project’s model highlights Almentor’s process the government. One time, the company came up with partnership with the Egyptian national to upskill the country’s movie industry . It has completed 11 even more similar special projects due to the launching five years ago.  

Across all three models, Fikry says Almentor has efficiently delivered more than 2 zillion learning experiences . With this investment, the specialist} wants to improve content video and quality and teach people in the MENA neighborhood on why they need this program .

“We turn out to be leading the continuous video clip clip learning industry in the Arab-speaking region, and we have a accountability that goes beyond our aims for Almentor . Our responsibility now is to my job unceasingly to improve the industry in total in the Arab region, so this can only be achieved through obtaining the confidence of the Arabic learners in the value, seriousness and impartiality of the data provided by the platform and in the line with the global grasping trends . ”

Speaking on the investment to produce Partech, general partner Cyril Collon said: “Since our personal first interaction, we have been most impressed by Ihab and Ibrahim, two fantastic mission-driven business people who have been executing on a robust vision since 2016, and who built the leading Arabic self-learning go-to content issuer in the Middle East and Africa .   You’re looking forward to supporting the company in the next phase of structural development to serve the 430 million Arabic-speaking population coupled with expand access to on-demand advanced personal learning & changes options . ”

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