A guarantee Monday: Jeff’s going to environment, and everyone wants a piece of Flipkart

Hello so welcome back to  Equity , TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast in which we unpack the data behind the headlines.

This is Equity Wednesday, our weekly kickoff in which it tracks the latest private promote news, talks about the coming weeks time, digs into some the consumer funding rounds and mulls over a larger theme to narrative from the private niche categories. You can follow the show onto Twitter  at this site   and myself  here .

It’s WWDC week, so expect a real deluge of Apple statement to overtake your Twitter feed here and there over the up coming few days. But there’s a host of additional going on, so let’s like in:

Yet that’s your start to i would say the week. More to come out of the friends here on Wednesday, and after that Friday. Chat soon!

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