Woofer lands $20M Series T to simplify data-centric encryption

California-based Abri, a startup that a majority of aims to prevent data breaches   by keeping data encrypted from production through making, has raised $20 million in Series B finance.

Baffle launched in 2015 to help thwart the increasing threats towards enterprise assets in public and personal clouds. Unlike many assistance that only encrypt data in-transit and at-rest, Baffle’s software keeps data encrypted bit it’s being processed after databases and applications via a “security mesh” that de-identifies sensitive data that it scenarios offers no performance increase to customers.

The startup says the nation’s goal is to make files breaches “irrelevant” by resourcefully encrypting data wherever it is normally, so that even if there is a safety and security breach, the data will be out of stock and unusable by hijackers.

“Most encryption is misapplied, and after that quite frankly, doesn’t do anything to save your data, ” the stat up claims. “The protection methods that are most commonly used do nothing to guard you against modern hacks on top of that breaches. ”

Baffle supports all major the cloud platforms, including AWS, Online Cloud and Microsoft Red, and it’s currently tend protect more than 100 million records in financial services, health related, retail, industrial IoT, as government, according to the startup. Dee engineering claims it stores values belonging to the top 5 global financial applications companies and five on this top 25 global providers.

“Securing THIS PARTICULAR infrastructure—networks, devices, databases, waters and warehouses—is never full. Constant change makes it probable to adopt a zero trust security posture have to have protecting the data itself, ” said Ameesh Divatia, co-founder and CEO of Woofer.

The startup’s Series B funding around, which comes more than 3 years after it secured screwed up $6M in Series This financing, was led due to new investor Celesta Fund with contributions from Nationally Grid Partners, Lytical Terme conseillé and Nepenthe Capital, in addition to the brings the startup’s full-blown funding to date to  $36. 5 million.

Baffle, which says provides seen threefold revenue spread over the past year, tells TechCrunch that the funds will be used in helping it grow to meet web demand and to invest abit further in product development. It also recommendations to double its headcount from 25 to 70 employees over the next 1 year, often much more..

“With this type of investment, we can meet web demand for data-centric cloud web data protection that enables responsible internet information sharing and ruptures the cycle of progressive data and privacy breaches, ” Divatia added.

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