Obtain all things biotech with Mayfield at Disrupt 2021

Solving your current twin challenges of humane and planetary health is the foremost task of our generation, and it presents the greatest entrepreneurial small business opportunity in history, which is why we’ve combined with Mayfield to bring you have an engineering biology check to Bother 2021 this Sept, 21-23. Haven’t secured an spot yet? Grab your ticket today for $99 (or even less if you’re a student, founder or nonprofit/government employee)!

Mayfield has over 50 years related with experience under its VC belt, and it got several by investing in people first, possessing a focus on enterprise, consumer & engineering biology companies. Have served as early throughout the world to iconic biotech as health IT entrepreneurs via their 50+ year creation — from Amgen and also Genentech to Mammoth Biosciences — whose mission often to create a better world because of and future generations.

Specific track will feature some very nice from the founders of multibillion-dollar companies Twist Bioscience, Gingko Bioworks and Adaptive Resource; NotCo (a rising planetary health star and Indie Bio company) and Large Biosciences (a breakout CRISPR platform company co-founded by simply Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna); plus Mostafa Ronaghi, the premier SPAC administrator and former CTO pertaining to Illumina and more innovators fitting in with solve the twin concept of human and planetary health.

Do you science? Then you immediately won’t want to miss many of the sessions below. Check the Disrupt 2021 agenda for days together with times according to your time region.

Bioplatforms over Saving the Planet : Mayfield’s Arvind Gupta joins two iconic making the most of, Twist CEO Emily Leproust and Ginko Bioworks BOSS Jason Kelly, to discuss or even founder journeys — caused from inception through IPO because beyond — and how they may changing our world for the better.

Saving Lives with Precision Biology : Mayfield’s Ursheet Parikh joins Mostafa Ronaghi (former CTO, Illumina), Chad Robins (co-founder & CEO, Adaptive Biotechnologies), Yan Zhang (CEO, Mission Bio) and Diego Rey (co-founder & CSO, Endpoint Health) to talk about just how these leaders are leverage biology breakthroughs to save droit.  

Handling the Next Generation : Mayfield’s Kamini Ramani subscribes these three exceptional leaders — Sandra Oh Lin (KiwiCo), Maneesh Jain (Mirvie) and Stu Landesberg (Grove Collaborative) — to talk about any better world now for future generations, building exercise sessions and communities and the breakthrough in getting to escape velocity.

Fresh Human and Planetary Wellness Pioneers : Mayfield’s Arvind Gupta participates in leaders of two large companies — Trevor Jack (Mammoth Biosciences) and Matias Muchnick (NotCo) — within the discussion about the founder expedition and tips for scaling sectors of.

Rewiring the mind to Improve the Quality of Life : Mayfield’s Ursheet Parikh joins neuroscientists, medical doctors and entrepreneurs — Nanea Reeves (TRIPP), Konstantinos Alataris (Nēsos) and Paul Dagum (Mindstrong Health) — using a discussion about building brain-based businesses that improve the total well being.

TechCrunch Bother 2021 takes place Oct 21-23. If you science — heck, even if you don’t — be sure to catch the training sessions in this special engineering biotech track to learn from imaginative leaders determined to build a more exciting world. Is sold with Disrupt 2021 pass and join this exciting conversation for less than $99.

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