Rivian’s electric R1T pickup truck, R1S SUV get their official EPA ranges

Rivian announced Friday that the incredibly first edition version of its all-electric R1T pickup truck has an official EPA range of 314 far, while its R1T SUV is made of a skosh higher numerous 316 miles.

The official range and gas consumption values have been posted on the Ough. S. EPA website . The official numbers align complete with Rivian’s own previous estimates, which it has advertised considering that 300 miles.

While EPA estimates kaint account for different driving concepts, the test cycle is entire enough to provide an accurate standard for customers shopping for an electric vehicular.

In this case, Rivian has the benefit of being phase electric truck on the market. Ford’s F-150 Lightning, which is not expected to come on the market appropriate spring 2022, has a verified range of 230 miles within a standard and up to 3 miles in the extended content spun. The EPA has not struck official ranges for the The ford Lightning.

Rivian’s “Launch edition” R1T cargo van and R1S SUV come equipped with a 135-kWh battery pack who is branded as the “large herd. ” Deliveries of the Kick off Edition vehicles are scheduled to begin this month.

The R1T and R1S vehicles may be offered in two trims, both these styles which are offered with the similar 135-kWh-pack size. The Adventure version of the R1T, which has a high grade interior, starts at $73, 000. The R1T Explore trim starts at $67, 500.

The journey trim in the R1S DESPITE THE FACT THAT starts at $75, 800, while the Explore package holds a base price of $70, 1000.

Rivian intends to begin deliveries of the  Adventure and Explore boxes in January 2022.

Rivian also services to offer an even larger herd, dubbed the “Max put, ” for the R1T. Your larger pack costs a supplementary $10, 000 and is required to push the range of the R1T past 400 miles. That EPA has not posted an appointed range for the max get or other editions, including a planned smaller battery pack treatment.

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