These Stocks Are Going Ex-Dividend in November

How diversified is your portfolio when it comes to the payout dates of your income-producing investments? We may not think about it initially, but having a well-balanced distribution schedule that carries across the entire year can be helpful. Fortunately, the market gives us plenty of options. Here are some of the stocks going ex-dividend (meaning you need to buy the stock before the ex-dividend date to receive the next dividend payout) in November to consider for your portfolio.

Early November

MTY Foods (TSX:MTY) starts off the month by going ex-dividend in November. For those that are unfamiliar with MTY, the company is one of the largest food business franchisers in the country.  In total, MTY boasts more than 80 different restaurant brands under its umbrella.

Collectively, those brands comprise a global network of nearly 7,000 locations around the world.

Now that businesses are reopening on a global scale, MTY’s business is beginning to pick up again. In the most recent quarter, MTY reported earnings of $24.3 million, reflecting an increase from the $22.9 million reported in the same period last year.

Turning to dividends, MTY provides investors with a quarterly dividend. The yield on the dividend comes in at 1.21%. That isn’t the most ideal return, which is seen elsewhere on the market. The business is, however, growing and well diversified thanks to that massive portfolio. MTY goes ex-dividend on November 1.


One of the all-time best defensive investments on the market goes ex-dividend on November 16. Fortis (TSX:FTS)(NYSE:FTS) is one of the largest utilities on the continent and a solid option for any portfolio. The utility has plenty to offer investors, which can be summed up in three key points.

First, Fortis operates under an incredibly defensive and safe business model. In short, as long as Fortis continues to provide utility services, it is bound to receive a stable and recurring revenue stream. Those terms are bound under long-term regulatory contracts that typically span decades in duration.

That defensive business model allows Fortis to provide investors with a handsome dividend. The quarterly payout currently works out to a respectable 3.89% yield. If that weren’t reason enough to consider investing, there’s also Fortis’s annual dividend hike. The company has provided generous annual upticks every year for 48 years.

Finally, let’s talk growth. Unlike most utilities that rest on their laurels, Fortis continues to invest in growth. Specifically, Fortis has a multi-billion-dollar capital program that is investing in upgrading and adding new facilities to its portfolio. That capital program also includes funds for acquiring and transitioning facilities over to renewable energy as well.

Late November

TransAlta (TSX:TA)(NYSE:TAC) is another company that will go ex-dividend in November right at the end of the month.

The well-known energy giant has seen its stock rise steadily recently. That surge follows a sharp multi-year drop that occurred several years ago, attributed to weak energy prices and staggering debt. Both issues appear to now be well under control and in better shape.

Fortunately, TransAlta still trades at a significant discount. Given its reliable business and investment into its renewable subsidiary, there is a huge long-term upside.

TransAlta’s dividend currently works out to a paltry 1.42%. While that may not sound like a great yield, investors should expect increases to come as the business improves.

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