3 Growth Stocks Investors Should Buy Now or Regret Missing Out on Later

Growth stocks are stocks Motley Fool investors can pick up for superior returns in the short term. These were popular stocks over the last few years, but many have since fallen. It’s led to a panic, with many investors missing out on substantial opportunities on the TSX today.

With that in mind, I would seriously consider these three growth stocks on the TSX today. Each are due for enormous recoveries that will see shares explode in the next year. Furthermore, they’re solid long-term holds for investors, which is one of the best investing strategies you can choose.

Let’s get right to it.

Shopify stock

Shopify (TSX:SHOP)(NYSE:SHOP) has short-term tailwinds it continues to contend with. Inflation, rising interest rates, slowing growth across every area has led to a massive drop in share price. Shares are now down 76% year to date, which has led investors to buy and then sell in bulk at any sign of a recovery among growth stocks.

But there are a few factors influencing the near term for these growth stocks. Once the economy recovers, Motley Fool investors will be seeking out growth opportunities again. For Shopify stock, that could hit sooner. That’s because the company is due for a stock split next month! With shares at low prices, many investors may reconsider the company that analysts dub a strong long-term hold.

Right now, if you were to purchase one share of Shopify stock, you would have 10 on June 22, 2022. That’s under a month away, leaving little time to get in on the action at these low prices — prices that seem to have stabilized right above the $400 mark.

TD stock

Are you not looking for anything volatile among growth stocks? I would go to the Big Six banks in that case. And among them, Toronto-Dominion Bank (TSX:TD)(NYSE:TD) is one of the best. The company continues to see loan growth, along with growth in its United States and online operations.

In fact, TD stock is really narrowing its focus on its digital operations, recently announcing a digital delivery hub in Florida. Meanwhile, it also has a history of strong long-term growth, and a dividend of 3.87% at the time of writing for stable income.

Yet with shares trading at 11.75 times earnings and down 3.35% year to date, it’s a great time to buy up growth stocks like this in bulk. You’ll see a strong recovery in the short term, and stellar returns while you hold TD stock for as long as you can.

TFI International

Transportation: it’s a major industry that’s only growing larger, especially in the trucking industry. And that’s why Motley Fool investors should also consider TFI International (TSX:TFII)(NYSE:TFII) on the TSX today. It’s a company that will continue to grow with the rise of e-commerce and trades at levels that will provide investors will stellar value among growth stocks.

TFI stock has beat out earnings estimates quarter after quarter, bringing in more and more revenue to help with the supply-chain issues. During its latest earnings report, TFI stock reported a 116% increase in year-over-year operating income, with net income up 121%. This came to a 124% increase in earnings per share at $1.57.

Revenue is expected to more than double by the next quarter, according to analysts. And that could be just in time for a market recovery. So, this is certainly a stock you don’t want to miss out on for long-term income. In fact, shares trade at 9.98 times earnings and are down 29% year to date. That provides you with a potential upside of 40% as of writing! Making it one of the best growth stocks out there.

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