Spotify to launch Spotify Audience Advertising, an audio ad marketplace

Spotify provided additional information today about how it plans to help you monetize its investments in podcasts. Oe aftermarket said it’s launching a new acustic advertising marketplace, the Spotify Guests Network, which will allow advertisers to attain listeners across Spotify’s own Récent and Exclusives, as well as podcasts via Megaphone and creation tool Anchor, and its ad-supported music, all in one single place. The company also said it plans to offer podcasts on its self-serve ad platform, Spotify Ad Studio, starting with Spotify Originals and so Exclusives in the U. S., waiting around beta test phase.

This will expand to include third-party podcasts in the future, the company noted today by means of its live online event, “Stream On. ”

Nowadays, Spotify Ad Studio is being employed advertisers across 22 markets proper its 2017 launch, to reach Spotify music listeners with both audio and video advertising campaign. Spotify said the service is considered to be its fastest-growing buying channel, despite the fact that didn’t provide specific figures in order to really detail that growth.

Image Credits: Spotify

However , the larger news on the endorsing side was the launch of the cutting edge audio ad marketplace, Spotify Niche Network. Similar to some of its more forward-looking announcements today, Spotify was most light on details about how exactly Spotify Audience Network would work — actually saying only that it’s in the “early stages of developing the supply, ” and it expects to be able to part more at a later date.

Nevertheless , the company positioned the marketplace as a “game changer, ” particularly for podcasters seeking to make money from ads, as well as for advertisers who want to reach Spotify’s audience of 100’s and millions, both on and apart Spotify.

This news follows an inspective report by The Verge recording which found Spotify was the general sponsor for Anchor advertising up to now — despite its promises and find sponsors for smaller podcasters. The situation now appears Spotify has been in the building out its ad marketplace and tooling to make good across those promises, and may not have prioritized advertiser outreach in the meantime.

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Spotify today throughout spoke about how its recent acquisition of Megaphone would allow it to size its Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI) technology, launched in early 2020, returning to publishers beyond its own Originals but also Exclusives audio programs. Today, CLAIME is available in the U. S., North america, Germany and the U. K., and might expand to other new markets with regard to 2021.

Since its very first, SAI has been rolling out news like audience-based buying, native ads and reporting on creative high performance. Later this year, Spotify says about to make SAI available to Megaphone podcast publishers and “leading” Anchor producers.

But Anchor producers won’t be limited to advertising to show up revenues.

Spotify plus briefly noted it will, in a few months’ time, begin beta testing a new operate that will allow Anchor creators to publish rewarded podcast content to Spotify aimed at most of the most dedicated fans, as TechCrunch previously huge .

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