Be present at TechCrunch’s free virtual Will raise meetup on March 33

Silicon Valley is novel, but not completely unique. Throughout the United States and publicly, there are communities of software entrepreneurs leveraging local resources to build great companies. TechCrunch has long told these kind stories, and throughout the originally half of 2021, our article staff is dedicated to perfect a spotlight on wonderful startups and notable everywhere in key cities to regions.

We’re looking at you Miami, Detroit, Austin, Pittsburgh and perhaps exactly wherever you’re reading this from. TechCrunch wants to tell your story.

Come along on our first (virtual) group trip to Miami . Although we can’t be there on site right now, it’ll sure feel that we are. All lights should be shining on the Magic Municipal. The area is quickly remodeling thanks to active investors, crazy companies, a Twitter-proficient Ascendientes and beautifully scenic everyday living.

If you’re interested in what’s occurence in Miami in general, searching for a new, up-and-coming city to reside, looking for cool companies and even talented founders to invest in, then simply you’ll want to register and drop March 13 on your calendar. This is a wireless event, but space continues in limited so register ancient.

Here’s just some of what you can expect:

  • Networking – It is very what you can always make use of us for. Companies are appeared and deals get done support TechCrunch events (yes, even virtual ones! )
  • Pitch-off – We will going to tap into the local technician scene in Miami and additionally bring on some VCs to slip on over to a  your pitches. They will give you feedback live using the stage. Sign up to pitch after filling in this form .
  • Panels – Meet the movers and shakers up close and personal. Hear about their journey, ask them different questions, and find out what’s special directly to them about Miami.

All along the way we’ll be asking for your opinions by way of polls, Q& A’s and surveys. We want to hear from everyone who lives in our birthplace of sunscreen combined with we’re looking to you due to suggestions on folks who had better be getting all of the attention in a position throw at them on Strut 11. Drop suggestions inside the comments below.

It’s going to be one to definitely important and it’s the perfect build for when we can gently crash the city in person as soon as!

Join us on our first (virtual) field trip to Miami .

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