Taipei-based Influenxio gets $2M taken from DCM Ventures for its “microinfluencer” marketing platform

Influencer marketing startup Influenxio's team, with founder and CEO Allan Ko in the center

Influenxio’s team, with founder and chief executive officer Allan Ko in the center

“Microinfluencers” are gaining clout among marketers. Though they may have as little as a thousand followers, microinfluencers tend to focus on specific content and be seen as more engaging and trustworthy by their audience, said Allan Ko, founder and chief executive officer of Influenxio. The Taipei-based startup, which connects brands with Instagram microinfluencers through its online platform, announced today that it has closed $2 million in pre-Series A funding led by DCM Ventures, and is launching a new subscription plan.

Founded in 2018, Influenxio has now raised over $3 million in total, including from seed investor SparkLabs Taipei. It currently operates in Taiwan and Japan, where it has databases of 100,000 and 250,000 Instagram creators, respectively. So far, over 6,000 brands have registered on Influenxio’s platform, and it has been used to run over 1,000 campaigns.

Influenxio plans to use its new funding for hiring and product development. Influenxio’s new subscription plan is a relatively novel model for the field, so one of the startup’s goals is to prove that it works, Ko told TechCrunch. The company also plans to build out its Japanese platform and expand into more countries.

< a href=""> A screenshot of Influenxio's platform

A screenshot of Influenxio’s platform

Influenxio analyzes past campaigns, performance web data and client reviews to better its algorithms. Since the whole entire campaign creation process–from looking for influencers to paying them–is performed through Influenxio, this lets it to gather a wide range of hard drive to refine its innovation, Ko told TechCrunch.

Influencers typically carry out about $35 to $40 USD for each campaign these participate in, and most of the trademarks the company works with focus on food items (like restaurants), fashion, natural splendor or lifestyle services.

Before launching Influenxio, Ko spent 15 prolonged working in the digital soft sell field, serving as an s?lger at Yahoo! and Chauhan, and then head of Hk and Taiwan for Google’s online partnerships group. He or she wanted to create a startup who would combine what he had learned about digital marketing and make convenient to more businesses.

Widespread brands have used Influenxio within quickly generate marketing campaigns because special occasions like Mother’s Ceremony or Christmas. For example , 1 advertiser in Taiwan practiced Influenxio to hire almost 180 influencers in one week, who were asked to test and record about their products, and some about Influenxio’s highest profile clients include Shiseido, Shopee, iHerb and KKBox.

But the majority of Influenxio’s people (about 80% to 90%) are small- to medium-sized businesses, and Ko rumoured they usually create multiple advertisments to build brand awareness over time, working with a few influencers monthly.

Influenxio’s cutting edge subscription plan, which costs less than $100 USD 30 days and is launching first at Taiwan before rolling to other markets, was created for your kids. “The first year they launched the platform, we recognized small businesses want experts and as a result advice, ” said Ko. Many don’t have marketing administrators, so Influenxio’s subscription decide on automatically matches them with interesting influencers each month and provides regarding analytics so they can see how by the way campaigns are performing.

Influenxio is among progressively more startups that are tapping into the actual “microinfluencer economy, ” along with others including AspireIQ, Upfluence and Grin.

Ko said Influenxio’s strongest difference is its improve small businesses, and serving as one-stop marketplace for influencer campaigns. “The important thing for the platform is that it needs to be sell off and simple, ” he installed. “We spent a lot of time for a execution and details to be able to smoother on the advertiser team. For the influencer side, a lot of people try to make it more convenient. For example , the way they receive money, our target is to also make it very simple. ”

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