Is it possible to beat Google with Google’s brains?

What and welcome back to  Equity , TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack unquestionably the numbers behind the statements.

Natasha   and  Danny   and  Alex   and  Grace were all another to chat through the week’s biggest tech happenings. Like all week, we had to drop a lot of great stuff relating to the cutting-room floor. But , many of us did get to touch on bunch of news that we find really matters.

Also we do lead to talking about a few Extra Ab crunch pieces, which is where our personal deeper analysis on trends items lives. If the paywall is a bother, you can get start using while saving 50% with the code “ EQUITY . ”

Here’s what we found myself in:

  • Crypto-art and the NFT boom preserve. Check out what Beeple just had . Danny has an appréciation on the matter.
  • The Roblox direct-listing really does very little actually solve all of the IPO pricing issue. In any event, congratulations Bloxburg .
  • We mentioned the Coursera S-1 , which gave us your initial financial peek into a college degree company revitalized by the pandemic.
  • The decide on needed context, so some of our follow up coverage gives viewers 8 takeaways from the Coursera INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING.
  • Language learning has a market, and this is big. We talked about Preply’s thirty five dollars million raise and why tutoring real estate markets make sense.
  • Dropbox is having DocSend , which makes pretty close sense. Even if the exit final price won’t matter much in bigger funds. We’re having said that witnessing Dropbox and Sex toy package add more features to their treadmill via acquisitions. Let’s ask how it impacts their income growth.
  • Zapier buys Makerpad . We struggled to help you pronounce Zapier, but are you aware have some notes on the great deal and what it might mean regarding no-code space.
  • Sticking the acquisition layout, PayPal bought Curv . In case you where looking for more evidence that will big companies are taking crypto certainly, well, here it is.
  • And to close now we nerded out about Neeva . Can a Google-competitor engaging in Google if it was founded a ex-Googlers?

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