Forums CEO Jack Dorsey boobed for tweeting during congressional hearing

Twitter advertising CEO Jack Dorsey managed to get called out by Agent. Kathleen Rice (D-NY) when considering tweeting during today’s congressional within on disinformation and extremism. The technical exec’s tweet was potentially expressing frustration with the file format of the hearing, which ever again saw the tech CEOs forced to boil down their responses to complicated questions involved in simple “yes” or “no” answers — or otherwise wind up as cut off from responding. Cryptically, Dorsey this afternoon tweeted out a Twitter election with just one question: “? ” that had only just two answers to choose from: whether “Yes” or “No. ”

His thread — or social comments, if you will — don’t go unnoticed.

Before Rice moved into your ex line of questioning, which tailored to platforms’ ability to radicalize U. S. veterans’ and military service members, she wanted to know the Twitter CEO that’s about his tweet.

“Mr. Dorsey, what is winning — of course or no — on your Twittollower account…poll?, ” asked Rice, who sat in front of shiny wallpaper covered with bloom, butterflies, bugs and maybe bees (?? ), which almost all agree was one of the might web conferencing backgrounds of waking time — perhaps even besting Dorsey’s decision to Zoom hailing from his kitchen with a cleverly thrown blockchain clock behind your pet . ( Because among education course it’s a blockchain clock. Of course . )

“Yes, ” Dorsey answered quickly, in the same monotone which he used throughout the hearing, which in turn tends to give the impression of someone who just can’t become worked up over yet another congressional dog-and-pony show.

“Hmmm, ” Rice admonished.

“Your multi-tasking skills are quite astonishing, ” she snarked, meal tone that did not certainly indicate she was actually beneficial.

In case you happen to be wondering, “Yes” was winner then and continues to earn now, with 65. seven percent of the 65, 626 full amount votes so far, compared with the appropriate 34. 3% who picked as “No, ” as of the length of time of writing.

Perhaps there are some optimism left over social media after all?

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