UI-licious gets $1. 5M driven by Monk’s Hill Terme conseillé to simplify automated BEST-KNOWN testing for web pc care apps

UI-licious’ co-founders, chief technology police officer Eugene Cheah (left) coupled with chief executive officer Shi Ling Tai (right)

UI-licious’ co-founders, primary technology officer Eugene Cheah (left) and chief executive officer Shi Ling Tai (right)

UI-licious , a Singapore-based startup that simplifies robotic user interface testing for web page applications, announced today using a raised $1. 5 unité in pre-Series A funding. The round was helped by Monk’s Hill Journeys and will be used to grow UI-licious’ product development and marketing the particular.

Founded as part of 2016 by Shi Ling Tai and Eugene Cheah, UI-licious serves companies of sizes, and its current homeowners include Daimler, Jones Lang LaSalle and tech employment platform Glints.

Tai, UI-licious’ chief executive officer, said that about 百分之九十 of software teams around the world count on manual testing, which is sometimes time-consuming and expensive. UI-licious enables users to write test out scripts in pseudocode, in some manner language that is similar to blissful English and therefore accessible women with little programming suffer with.

A screenshot of UI-licious' test credit reporting feature

A screenshot to UI-licious’ test reporting provide you with

Personal computer teams can then schedule how often the tests run. UI-licious’ proprietary smart targeting experiment with engine supports all ones and allows the same pièce to be run even if you will have changes in a web application’s graphical user interface or underlying code. On top of that produces detailed error experiences to reduce the time needed to learn and fix a defect.

When asked how UI-licious compares to other automated user interface testing solutions, Tai also told TechCrunch, “Coded solutions call for a trained engineer to inspect all website’s code to write the test scripts. The problem is that most tool testers are not trained coders, sometimes they may be the marketing promotions or sales team that provides the project. And while there are other no-code solutions that benefit non-programmers to record their personal actions and replay everything, such tests tend to emerge as obsolete quickly as the BEST-KNOWN changes. ”

UI-licious’ selling point is that “it is designed to make it accessible tom to automate UI constantly and set up error informs without needing to know how to code, ” she added. “UI-licious in reduces the effort to maintain this tests as the UI matrix|code calculatordecoder} changes with its smart among the test engine. ”

In press argument, Monk’s Hill Ventures companion Justin Nguyen said, “Co-founders Shi Ling and Eugene have developed a product to address high quality assurance issues that have bothered the software automation industry for decades, ” adding that “the team’s experience as tools engineers has equipped associated with the technical knowledge and as well insights to build a simple and therefore robust tool that allows manual testers to handle testing and detect clean before users do. ”

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