Fitbit’s latest is a $149 ‘luxury’ fitness tracker

It’s been a strange several for Fitbit. After determinig the fitness tracking location, the company was a bit long left undone to the smartwatch trend, but was still able to ride regarding wave to a rebound. But while watches have received most of the thrust the now Google-owned business enterprise} has garnered in recent years, groups still comprise a substantial thing about its business.

Today Fitbit announced all of the arrival of the Luxe. The new weird product. There’s significantly a market for it, but it might be hard to say how much for this niche were talking about here. Eurospare called its target tryout, “a unique set of obtainer whose needs weren’t currently being met. ” Specifically, the diet product is a “fashioned-forward” tracker for anyone looking for something a bit greater than a plastic band for wearing out and about.

To be truthful, it’s hard not to determine some reflections of Misfit’s take on the category. Perhaps the Fossil-owned company was ahead of its time. Within $149, the device is priced between the Charge and the Versa, but decidedly closer to the previous. That is to say, it’s pricey involved in the grand scheme of real trackers, but more or smaller amount of in line with other Fitbit options.

It is, indeed, the particular nice-looking tracker, as long away of these things go, sporting a color touchscreen surrounded by a chrome steel case. That’s coupled with a broad range of accessories, ranging from fleece to gold-colored stainless steel.

Here’s Fitbit co-founder and GM (under Google) James Park:

Over the past year, we possess had to think differently about it our health – from is actually an eye out for possible COVID-19 symptoms to managing the continuing stress and anxiety of today’s world. Even though we are starting to verify positive changes, it has hardly ever been more important to manage your amazing holistic health. That’s motive we’ve been resolute present in introducing products to support your in staying mentally basically and physically active. We’ve marketed major technological advancements along with Luxe, creating a smaller, more slim, beautifully designed tracker packed with leading features – some delete word previously only available with our smartwatches – making these tools around to even more people in the world.

Positively physical and mental health have been head of mind over the past especially, even as step counts feature dramatically plummeted. The device specific sport the usual array of Fitbit devices, tracking activity, sleep but stress. It also works with a variety of mindfulness/meditation apps, including the company’s recently announced partnership on Deepak Chopra.

The band is up towards preorder starting today and limit shipping in the spring.

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