Norwest Venture Partners’ Lisa Wu to teach founders how to believe that like a VC at TC Early Stage

The best venture capitalists take on moonshot risks based on include, support portfolio companies as a result of ups and downs and find focus thanks to noise.

Soon after look at the job description for top level founder, you’ll find near enough the exact same list of characteristics (except, of course , instead of a portfolio, one of the founder is supporting one particular team of employees). Usually the shared ethos is almost uncanny — and includes a lot of strategic synergies both equally sides of the table can take advantage of.

That’s then why we’re excited to announce that experts claim Lisa Wu, a partner found on Norwest, is joining take a look at TechCrunch Early Stage in July to talk tactics, and how founders can think like a VC in all facets of their business.

Wu focuses on seed to late-stage companies with a specific interest in consumer internet, digital commerce and next-generation marketplaces. Her portfolio includes Calm, Ritual, Plaid and the recently public Opendoor.

With the inside scoop on these iconic companies, Wu will use her experience to illustrate how the best founders can leverage the language of venture capital in the pitch and beyond. The goal is to give the audience a list of actionable insights to implement immediately — and lean heavily on anecdotes found in Wu’s impressive work in the industry.

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