State of the art Relic is bringing in a whole new CEO as founder Lew Cirne moves to executive chairman role

In a market close this afternoon well before its earnings report, New Relic , an applications sexual performance monitoring company, announced that founder Lew Cirne would be stepping down not one but two CEO and moving into all executive chairman role.

At the same time, the company announced that Bill Staples, a software community vet, would be taking over that CEO. Staples joined the company last year as chief tool officer before being briskly promoted to president so chief product officer wearing January. Today’s promotion declares a rapid rise through the positions to lead the company.

Cirne said when he instead, set about thinking about stepping into the fact that executive chairman role, he was looking for a trusted partner to adopt the his place as BOSS, and he found that wearing Staples. “Every founder’s usually are is for the company to have a durable impact, and then when the time period is right for them to step into a better role. To do that, you need a good partner that will lead with the obligation core values and provide what the company needs as being a definite active partner. And so Im really excited to move to the very executive chairman role [and to have Bill be that person], ” Cirne smiled and told me.

For Staples, who has has worked at large organizations throughout fast career, this opportunity to possible lead the company as CEO is considered the pinnacle of his great career arc. He the promotion humbling, but any he believes he is in case you are take on.

“This is a new chapter for the gf, a new experience to be a CEO of a public company employing a billion-dollar-plus value valuation, yet I think the experience I have in the seat of our customers, as well as the experiences I’ve had at Microsoft company and Adobe, very large manufacturers with very large stakes playing large organizations has really completely ready me well for this after that phase, ” Staples spoken.

Cirne suggests he plans to take any time off this summer to give Favorites the space to grow as the industry leader of the company without being within your shadow of the founder and as a result long-time CEO, but this person plans to come back and help with him as the executive leader moving forward come the fit.

As he considerations into this new role, Fan faves will be taking over. “Certainly I have a lot to learn about what it will take to be a great CEO, nevertheless I also come in with a several unique confidence that I’ve managed organizations at scale. You are aware of I’ve been part of P& Ls that were many times bigger than New Relic, and I are sure that I can help New Relic grow as a company. ”

Hope Cochran, managing director at Madrona Ventures, who is also finally the chairman of the New Relic Board, said that the surfboard fully backs of the scenario to pass the CEO flashlight from Cirne to Worn. “With the foundation that Lew built and Bill’s leadership, New Relic has a too bright future ahead when a clear path to accelerate success as the leader in observability, ” she said for a statement.

The council transition is scheduled to take place on July 1st.

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