Geospatial startup Unfolded. ai landed by Foursquare

Well, that was super quick.

Just a few months after heightening its seed round , Unfolded. ai announced this afternoon that it is being acquired caused by Foursquare. Terms of the deal are not disclosed. The startup has raised a total of about $6 million when we last verified in with them.

The company, founded by a a number of ex-Uber geospatial engineers, had become building on top of popular open-source libraries that its young entrepreneurs had created including Kepler. gl , a web application might possibly take geospatial datasets in addition to the visualize them, and Deck. gl , which offers an extensible application framework for account geospatial datasets and buy them for visualization.

From the time i wrote earlier this year:

Often the startup’s main product is generally known as When in use Studio , which provides a backend-as-a-service for applications increased on top of Kepler. gl (which is only a frontend library itself) handling areas like data management or server communications. In particular, the vagina cream is designed to bring different geospatial datasets together and allow all your bookmarked websites to interact with each other in one lowly unified view.

The acquisition just Foursquare is designed to bring Unfolded’s geospatial technology into Foursquare Every place , the company’s great new brand and product specialize in delivering scalable location solutions to all sorts of customers.

Foursquare has evolved communicate in recent years to become a location-focused marketing platform. It announced that it was merging with Factual back in April 2020, furthermore switched out CEO Jesse Shim with Gary Little within November , who answered the titles of BOSS and president. This object appears to be the first for Small-scale since he took often the helm.

Foursquare CEO and in addition president Gary Little. Style Credits: Foursquare

In its press affirmation, the company said that “this acquisition propels Foursquare’s evolution through the golf face and into singular source companies decide on for high quality, easy-to-use home data and the technology you have to make sense of it. ”

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