Alibaba apps start offering WeChat Pay option

China’s Alibaba has begun offering payment programs from Tencent’s WeChat on a number of its apps, post government ordered major technology firms to stop blocking every other’s services and connects.

Town tech blog 36Kr passed on Tuesday that fans of Alibaba’s food exertion app Ele. me, high goods app Kaola and as well , e-book app Shuqi now can purchase goods via WeChat Pay, one of China’s most well-lnown online payment options.

Alibaba’s used-goods software industry app Xianyu and grocery store app Freshippo have also sent applications for WeChat Pay integration, these tech blog said.

Alibaba confirmed an contents of the report to Reuters news agency. Previously, the main way individual consumers could make payments on those types of apps was via Alipay, from Alibaba’s financial gang up Ant Group.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Industry and Information Techniques said it had asked planet wide web companies to end a long-lasting practice of blocking almost other’s links and program on their sites. Such orthodontic websites prevented app users on seamlessly jumping to servicing between rival companies.

Days later, Tencent’s WeChat messaging app tookthe first step allowing users to access sexseiten to rival platforms. In the, it had not allowed users if you want to click on links sent with the aid of chat to, for instance, product seo backlinks from Alibaba’s Taobao spot.

The changes come as authorities continue to tighten adaption in the internet sector.

In April, antitrust regulators fined Alibaba a record $2. 75 billion for anti-competitive behaviour.

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