3 Inflation-Resistant TSX Stocks to Buy Right Now

If you’re one of the Motley Fool investors out there right now looking to fight back inflation, TSX stocks are a great way to accomplish this. But the best way is to stick to the tried and true methods of long-term investing.

Today, I’m going to look at three inflation-resistant TSX stocks — ones that have managed to push back inflation and recessions for years and that could create substantial wealth this year and all the way until retirement.

Industries that fight inflation

If you want TSX stocks that will fight inflation, it’s important to first look at industries that fight inflation. For that, you need to consider products or sectors that simply will continue running as usual, even in the face of inflation — things we need and simply cannot cut back on.

That becomes clear pretty quickly. Motley Fool investors have probably started looking at TSX stocks in sectors such as energy — things that power your home, businesses, hospitals, and more. While gas is a great option, I would caution that this is a volatile time to get into the industry. Instead, utilities might be another strong choice.

Another of the TSX stocks I would look at to fight inflation would be commodities. These are items used for everyday life as well, such as copper, silver, potash, steel-creating coal, and other items. And finally, real estate is a great way to bring in dividends, while also seeing long-term performance thanks to lease agreements.

Three TSX stocks to consider

The three best TSX stocks that fit into this inflation-fighting category to me are Teck Resources (TSX:TECK.B)(NYSE:TECK), Canadian Utilities (TSX:CU) and NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT (TSX:NWH.UN).

Each of these inflation-fighting companies have histories of strong performance and great future outlooks. But right now, these will help fight inflation through a combination of solid dividend payouts and share growth.

Teck is a commodity producer that’s seen shares rise during this time of inflation. It recently reported its fourth consecutive quarter of record-setting earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA), with commodity prices surging. It could be looking to increase its dividend as well as its increases its share buybacks.

Canadian Utilities is a solid choice, as it’s the only Dividend King among TSX stocks with 50 years of consecutive dividend growth. It fights inflation through providing energy through both gas and electricity and creating partnerships to build new power plants.

Finally, NorthWest doesn’t have the history of the other two. However, it’s a real estate company in the incredibly stable industry of healthcare. No matter what, we need hospitals, healthcare facilities, administration, and even parking. And this company offers those things around the world, as the company continues to expand its global footprint.

Create income now and for life

Let’s say Motley Fool investors invested $10,000 in each of these TSX stocks right now. This alone would bring in passive income of $1,178 this year! But let’s say you held them each for another decade and reinvested dividends. Based on historical performance, you could have a portfolio worth $63,539 from your $30,000 investment.

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