Naming Czech VCs: Be featured throughout Great TechCrunch Survey of Around VC

TechCrunch is embarking on a major project to survey a new venture capital investors of Europe, and the cities.

Our survey of all VCs in the Czech Republic and as well Prague will snatching how the country is faring, and exactly what changes are being wrought amongst business by the coronavirus pandemic.

We’d like to know how the Prague, and the broader Czech, startup mood is evolving, how the tech marketplace is being impacted by COVID-19, and, for the most part, how your thinking will evolve from here.

Our survey will only be in investors, and the actual contributions of VC investors may be included. More than one teilhaber is welcome to fill out the market research. (Please note, if you have filled our survey out already, there is no need to do it again).

The active check-it-out of questions will require only short-term responses, but the more you can add, the more professional.

You can fill out the survey here.

Ultimately, investors who contribute will be adorned in the final surveys, with connections to their companies and profiles.

What kinds of things do we want to find out? Questions include: Which trends individual most excited by? What startup do your friends wish someone would create? Where could be just the overlooked opportunities? What are you trying in your next investment, in general? How is your local ecosystem going? And how displays COVID-19 impacted your investment strategies?

This survey is probably part of a broader series of surveys we’re doing to help founders choose the best investors.

For example , here is the recent survey of North london .

You are not within a Czech Republic, but would like to component? That’s fine! Any European VC investor can STILL fill out the search, as we probably will be putting a call in order to your country next anyway! And we will use the data for future survey on vertical topics.

The survey is covering almost every country on in the Union for the Mediterranean , so just look for your location and city on the survey and as well please participate ( while you’re a investment capital investor).

Thank you for engaging. If you have questions you can email mike@techcrunch. com

(Please take note of: Filling out the survey is not security of inclusion in the final circulated piece).

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