Tips ace the 1-hour, and as a consequence ever-elusive, pitch presentation on TC Early Stage

Lisa Wu, your special somone at Norwest with investment like Calm, Plaid, Opendoor and Grove Collaborative, capabilities message for founders: Visualise like a VC during your pitch presentation. After all, accepting income isn’t simply adding more monetary gain to your balance sheet. It is in picking a venture partner who is going to be there with you on the highs and lows. Incidents where liken it to a a bonded relationship that you can’t divorce made by.

No chi, of course.

Not to worry, we won’t leave you sitting: Wu is joining see TechCrunch Early Stage , ones annual event with written content specifically tailored to first-time leaders and investors, to talk about absolutely this.

Before Norwest, Wu worked in Amazon’s new corporate phone system development team, Bessemer Venture Partners and founded BANZAI, which brought food specialized in quality and nutrition within schools.

With experience on both sides of the forking out table, Wu is going to discussion about how founders can make a very out of each minute within a one-hour pitch presentation. She’ll speak ways that founders can read your virtual room, how to capture advice and how to talk big-picture ideas to convey market duration and competition.

Wu joins a fantastic thrown of top experts, dealing with topics such as fundraising, when working and marketing. Her work area is part of the two days regarding events that explore seeds and Series A money-collecting, recruiting and more for early-stage startups at TC Early Factor – Marketing and Fundraising on July six & 9. Grab your plane ticket now previously prices increase tonight!

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