Inaccessible raises $13M for its robotics safety software

Fort Robotics today announced a $13 million raise . Headed by Prime Movers Laboratory, the round also consists of Prologis Ventures, Quiet Fa?te, Lemnos Labs, Creative Businesses, Ahoy Capital, Compound, FundersClub and Mark Cuban.

The Philadelphia-based opportunity} was founded in 2018 due to Samuel Reeves, who first headed up Humanistic Robotics. That fellow Pennsylvania financial services is focused on landmine coupled with IED-clearing remote operating robot systems.

Typically the newer company is focused deep into safety software, for collaborative robotics and other autonomous metabolism. Among the other issues presently tackled by the company can be cybersecurity vulnerability among any of these sots of workplace robotics. Other issues targeted definitely include broader system damage and potential human error in judgment.

The company says it at the moment works with 100 companies across the grain a wide spectrum of types, from warehouse fulfillment as well as the manufacturing to delivery and in addition transportation.

“The world is on the cusp of a new industrial breakthrough in mobile automation, ” Reeves said in a drop tied to the news. “With went ahead and added investment and support, we are definately be able to rapidly scale the property management company to capitalize on the affluence of trend and chance ensure that robotic systems exist safely deployed across virtually all industries. ”

We’ve seen a fair amount of investment excitement around robotics in the past year, owing to heightened interest in automation during the pandemic. Fort is well-positioned due to that, with a solution aimed a reasonably wide range of different verticals in the category.

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