TechCrunch, still not dead

You may have available an article over at Axios today about the rebrand of the many of the Verizon Media products and services under a new Yahoo+ banner ad. I would like to congratulate the many teams that have worked difficult to build a cohesive brand brand and a new plan for a nice selection of great properties with right individuals at the helm.

Unfortunately, some of the terminology in the article, and a using Techmeme headline throughout the old twitter dot apresentando have led some people to think that TechCrunch would now be YahooCrunch or some such circumstances. That is not correct. TechCrunch will be a brand that, against things odds, has stood the test of time in a radically changing and as a result challenging landscape. That’s due to the bold idea of its creator as well as the tireless efforts of member of the TC staff past and present which are all immensely talented, good-sized, multi-hyphenates that I have taken hostile satisfaction from working with per day.

Since we have been around a while we have seasoned the pleasure of being termed dead a bunch of times through process of critics, owners, cynics and fans. But I just seen, and we’re still to these questions.

See you tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. I make you with our motto of this daytime:

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