The way one founder identified a large healthcare gap and acquired the skills necessary to address the application

Our young podcast Found is now at one’s disposal, and the first episode features as well as Iman Abuzeid, co-founder then CEO of Incredible Healthiness. Abuzeid’s story of beginning and building Incredible Health and well-being, a career platform for medical professionals focusing specifically referring to nurses, is all about a on point entrepreneur building a unique skill set, and acquiring the experience need to create a world-leading solution.

Abuzeid went to physicians’ school and acquired a lady MD, but decided just before you decide residency to instead go to get an MBA from Wharton, in order to pursue her ponder on entrepreneurship, inspired by double generations of entrepreneurs belonging to the family that preceded your girlfriend’s. After eventually making her own way to Silicon Valley and in a couple of other startups during healthcare space, Abuzeid used important lessons away from people today experiences about what not to do the time running your own company, and as well as embarked on building her own who has co-founder Rome Portlock, thus the company’s CTO.

Incredible Health happens to be tackling a huge challenge — the shortfall of availability of skilled nurses, and the decrease of mature, sophisticated career elements to help those nurses with their professional life. COVID-19 threw those issues into kampfstark relief, and Incredible Health qualified its game plan to conform to its users’ needs . Abuzeid tells us all about specifically she made those minutes, and also how she convinced joint venture investors to come along for all the ride .

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