Information your startup to are actually tech leaders, and a currently audience, on Extra Meltdown Live

TechCrunch is known for its pitch-offs. We had them in bilities all over the world, and heard from scores of startups who have shared the tale of their company on our concentrations.

We’re excited to be bringing the pitch-off on the way to Extra Crunch Live.

Anyone in the soutien on an episode of Extra Emergency Live can virtually “raise their hand” to be selected to pitch while watching audience and get feedback from our all-star guests.

On ECL, pitch-off startups may have two minutes to tell us about their company. This is actually the equivalent of an elevator pitch — imagine running into a VC or potential customer at a tech conference like Disrupt or bumping in to them at a park. As such, no visual aids are allowed, including decks, videos, demoes, etc .

Essentially, what can you convey with your words, very quickly frame, to get people to both understand your startup and be excited about it?

This is a critical skill, and we’re creating the space for founders to practice and improve.

I’m amped to have Firstmark’s Rick Heitzmann and Orchard founder Court Cunningham as guests on Extra Crunch Live on May 5. This founder/investor duo know exactly what it takes to provide a great pitch. Do you have what must be done? You are able to register here for free!

To be selected for the pitch-off, you must show up in the audience during the live show. Instructions on the best way to raise your hand will come at the top of the show, so don’t be late!

See you on Wednesday!

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