Greece holidays tests drone drug e-mail for remote regions

TRIKALA, Greece: Greece on Mondy tested a drone to administer medicines to isolated travel spots in an environmentally friendly way, mailing the unmanned vehicle along with 200-person village.

The red buzzin with four rotor blades took off from the northwestern Traditional greek city of Trikala and in to the 3 kilometers (0. top miles) to Leptokarya. The application made two stops, catching outside a pharmacy since a farmer’s field.

A pharmacy employee unloaded the medicine from a saving compartment on the drone, that’s why it took off again.

greece drone drug delivery medicines A medicines off sales drone flies outside their drugstore in Trikala, Greece September 21, 2021. REUTERS

“Technology can give live solutions to real problems that we certainly have today. Today we transmitted medicines to a pharmacy community, tomorrow it could be to transport tablets to some emergency, ” identified Trikala Mayor Dimitris Papastergiou.

The EU-funded program called Harmony should use low carbon and less resource intensive solutions during transport.

The most important drone program is intended in serve people with mobility setbacks, isolated villages and still and sites of urgent situation. Officials said the undertaking is particularly crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic.

greece drone drug delivery medicines A medicines delivery drone flies outside a drugstore in Trikala, Greece Oct 21, 2021. REUTERS

“It concerns situations through which immediate help will be was required, or people and attractions that are isolated, ” considered that Dimitris Anastasiou, president with the Trikala pharmacists’ association.

The Harmony diet, which also has autonomous watercraft, will be tested in seven cities in Europe in addition to Britain.

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