How will you help someone with their ankle bitten off by a shark?

How do you help a particular with their leg bitten way by a shark? Groundbreaking taking a look at by an Australian medic-surfer has uncovered a simple way to bleeding and save life styles.

Identify the middle point between the fashionable and the genitals, make a closed fist and push as hard as you can.

Shark attacks have always been rare but on the growth Down Under, due in large part to more people being in your favorite lake or stream.

So surfer and Australian National College or university medical school dean Nicholas Taylor set out to discover how to avert fatalities in the event of an attack.

Many fatal shark bites occur around the thighs, leaving the victim for you to bleed to death besides making it back to shore.

In a study authored by Emergency Medicine Australasia, Taylor found that a standard technique to compress the femoral artery was much more profitable in stopping bleeding when compared to traditionally-used tourniquets.

His study showed which experts state by making a fist and as a result pressing down on the artery around 89. 7% of blood flow was stopped, compared to 43. 8% using a surf board leash as a make-shift tourniquet.

The product worked equally well belonging to the patient wearing a wetsuit and without.

“I believed from my background present in emergency medicine if people have massive bleeding from their calf, you can push very hard inflicting femoral artery and you can in short cut the entire blood flow of a leg that way, ” that she said in a statement launched by the university on Nov. 25.

“It is straightforward to do and easy to remember — push hard between the trendy and the bits and you could maybe save a life. ”

Taylor dreams the technique will become reputed among Australia’s roughly 500k surfers, for whom shark encounters are less uncommon.

“I want paper prints at beaches. I want to put it out in the surf local area. I want people to know that if someone gets bitten you can pull out the patient, push as hard as you can in such a midpoint spot and it can obstruct almost all of the blood flow, ” this person said.

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