A brand new activist reportedly fired since deleting files on show results device

Janneke Parrish, an Austin-based personnel who worked on Apple Atlases, is a leader of #AppleToo.

An Apple program boss who posted anonymous practical articles of discrimination against sales staff at the tech giant owns reportedly been canned.  

Janneke Parrish, an Austin-based employee who worked together with Apple Maps, runs #AppleToo , an online story-sharing area. of alleged “racism, sexism, inequality, discrimination, intimidation, clampdown, dominance, coercion, abuse, unjust penalties, and unlimited privilege” faced by Apple employees.

  According to The Verge , she was fired last monday for deleting files among the including the Google Drive, Robinhood, and Pokemon Go pc care apps – from her show results device during a company expertise.  

In a tweet , Parrish, 30, hinted that many she was fired in the retaliation for her work with #AppleToo. the right thing, “he wanted to say. But we’re doing the privilege thing because it’s the legal right thing. # AppleToo is just about asking Apple to do easier to end systemic discrimination, arbitrariness, and pay inequality.  

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