What are blue-chip NFTs, and how can we find them?

Strategies to find blue-chip NFTs include researching established platforms, following influencers, tracking notable artists and collaborations, and considering rarity and demand.

Here is a brief explanation of the strategies to find blue-chip NFTs:

Research established platforms

Start with OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, NBA Top Shot and other established NFT platforms. These platforms often host a wide range of blue-chip NFTs created by well-known artists, celebrities and brands.

Follow influencers and NFT specialists

Keep up with the NFT market by following influencers, collectors and specialists. They discuss blue-chip NFTs. Join NFT communities, forums and social media accounts.

Rarity and demand

Blue-chip NFTs often have restricted quantities, distinctive artwork, historical significance or collector demand. Focus on rare, limited-edition or culturally significant NFTs. Before evaluating NFT collections as blue-chip assets, examine their reputation and performance.

It is important to note that the NFT market is dynamic, and what may be considered a blue-chip NFT today might change over time. Before investing, do your research, stay informed, and evaluate market trends and demand.

Engaging with NFT communities and influencers

Actively participating in NFT communities and following key people can provide insights, exclusive chances, the newest trends and possible blue-chip NFTs.

Participating in NFT auctions and drops

By joining NFT auctions and drops, one can potentially obtain blue-chip NFTS upon their original release or by bidding.

Analyzing historical data

Studying prior sales, market trends and the performance of specific NFT collections allows you to make informed selections based on the track record, rarity and prospective value appreciation of certain NFTs.

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