Fintech investor Emmalyn Shaw am going to share why she brought about the Steady Series An

Investors probably say they don’t just use products, but in the right provide to solve a particular problem. While having Steady, Adam Roseman built up the platform based on his own seductive experience. His father hadn’t saved enough for retirement living and needed to work or perhaps. Steady, a platform in order to people find flexible projects quickly, get financial solutions and save money through the very best on things like healthcare coverages and tax help.

Today, Steady recieves more than 2 million registered users.

So other no surprise that Emmalyn Shaw, co-manager of the $500 shades Flourish Ventures fund, ended up being eager to invest. She on the leading edge of the company’s Series Any back in 2018.

We’re astonished to have Roseman and Shaw join us on an episode of additional Crunch Live on Wednesday using 3pm ET/noon PT.

We’ll interview Shaw and Roseman about what derived them want to work with oneself, advice on how to make the most away from their pitch meetings, and what however it to secure capital and be useful in the fintech space.

This episode of Extra Crunch Live will also benefit the Pitch Deck Teardown. Decks sent in by web based members will be featured on the show, and Shaw and Roseman will give their live opinion on those decks in what works and what doesn’t.

Audience members are really welcome to ask questions.

Extra Crunch members usually had free access to Surplus Crunch Live (and automatically will), both live as well demand. But , we’ll also be selling enterance ticket à la carte to the television show . That’s right! Any of us can come hang out, ask their questions to Shaw and Roseman, and learn a thing or two from the professional experts.

Somebody can  hit up regarding bandwidth service   to equally register (if you’re logged into Extra Crunch, my ticket is free) and / or maybe purchase a ticket.

A full library of background episodes can be found  here , and folk interested in checking out our long term slate can find everything these kinds of products need  at this point .

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