PingPong is a video chat app for product teams accomplishing across multiple time zones

From the earliest days of the pandemic, it was no secret that video chat was about to become a very hot space.

Over the past several months forex traders have bankrolled a handful of online video media startups with specific cavité, ranging from always-on office cctv to platforms that urged plenty of mini calls in the need for more lengthy team-wide meetings. As the pandemic begins to pass and plenty of startups in order to look toward hybrid office environment models, there are others who have decided to lean into utilising a fully remote workforce, something that may require new pieces of equipment.

PingPong , a recent let go from Y Combinator’s most popular batch, is building some sort of asynchronous video chat software program for the workplace. We particular PingPong as one of our favorite online companies that debuted last week.

An company’s central sell is because for remote teams, sufficient time needs to be a better alternative to Slack or email for landing up with co-workers across timezones. While Zoom calls could probably convey a company’s culture more effectively than a post in a company-wide Slack channel, for truly remote teams operating for different continents, scheduling the actual company-wide meeting is often a nonstarter.

PingPong will be selling its service regarding addendum to Slack that helps remote product teams collaborate and convey what that they are working on. Users can collect a short video of their company and share their screen instead of a standup presentation and then they can get caught up on each other’s progress on their own time. PingPong’s hope is that users arrive more value in brainstorming, doing design reviews, reporting insects and more inside while using asynchronous video than they would featuring text.

“We have a lot to do previous we can replace Slack, in order that right now we kind of stress playing nice with Slack, ” PingPong CEO Mark Whitlock tells TechCrunch. “Our longer-term vision is that the things that young people are doing in their studies lives, they bring within the enterprise when they graduate through the golf face and into workforce. You and I had been using Instant Messenger basically in the early 2000s after which we got to the workplace, which the opportunity for Slack… We believe in the next five or so years, another thing that’s a richer, much asynchronous video-based Slack idea will have a lot more interest. ”

Building a instant messenger app specifically designed for women product teams operating in a wide range of time zones is a tight affiliate for now, but Whitlock emphasizes that this will become a more common problem as companies embrace the use of remote teams post-pandemic. PingPong costs $100 per the per year.

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