1Doc3, a Colombian telemedicine international, raises $3 million

The pandemic has made telemedicine video appointments in the U. S. anyone commonplace, but in Latin Asia, where broadband isn’t widely available, 1Doc3 is using text in addition to chat to provide access to care and attention. Today, the Colombia-based commercial} announced a $3 million pre-Series A led by MatterScale Ventures and Kayyak Schemes.

“I’m on a nice MacBook for this interview, but this is not the case of most people by LatAm, ” said Javier Cardona, co-founder and TOP DOG of 1Doc3. The company’s name is a play on finally the phonetics of 1, 2, three or more in Spanish.

Reaching all your care doctor when you are not feeling well is hiring harder and harder, and 1Doc3 aims to solve that problem in LatAm by offering a telemedicine rig powered by AI why does symptom assessment, choix and pre-diagnosis before making connections the patient to a doctor.

“In 97% of our consultations, you’re connected to a dermatologist in a matter of minutes, ” Cardona said.

After seeing the doctor, a patient can also get their prescriptions transferred to their home through 1Doc3. The very startup, like others into the space, is trying to close an loop so patients perhaps get care quickly without having to bequeath their homes.

In addition to Republic of colombia, the company already has experditions in Mexico and insurance policies to use part of the funding that would expand further in the region choosing building out a marketing and then sales team, which it hasn’t had thus far.  

1Doc3 reaches customers directly and establishing corporate partnerships in which direction companies themselves pay for this employees’ medical care through the startups. One of Cardona’s goals shall be to bring the unit economics bearish so that smaller businesses can also budget 1Doc3, which for corporates, now charges between $3-4 a month/employee.

“For famous labels, the money isn’t an issue, although our region is consisting of small to medium-sized businesses, ” Cardona said.

The company, that’s founded in 2013 & was a finalist in TechCrunch’s Latina American Battlefield in 2018, experienced solid growth in 2020, continuing from 2, 500 to assist you to 35, 000 consultations mobile agreement from February to January 2020, respectively, which operated the company to be cashflow thanks a lot last year. In March because of 2021, the company had $120, 000 in MRR.

Like many startup companies, the jolt to searched for 1Doc3 came from a personal enjoy faced by the founder.    

“When I was inside of Tanzania I had a physical need and I was definitely not going to go to a doctor in to Tanzania, and I couldn’t attain, accomplish any doctor online, not just in the U. S., and i also became a little obsessed with your own personal details, ” said Cardona, who has been working in the Middle East together with Africa at the time.  

Them round brings the total produced by 1Doc3 to $5 million. Other investors which experts claim participated in the round associated with Swanhill Capital, Simma Price range and existing investors The main Venture City, EWA financial (previously Mountain Nazca Colombia) and Startup Health.

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